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Fujiyama - Boise

Traditional Japanese cuisine &... more
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This menu was last updated on 3/25/18. Although we have many accurate menus, they change often and it should be assumed this menu is not 100% accurate. If you want to be sure the dishes are still offered or confirm the prices are correct, please call the restaurant by tapping the call button above.
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Appetizers From the Kitchen

Aged Tofu
Deep fried tofu with scallion and shaved dried bonito

Steamed egg and seafood

Chicken Tempura 
With 4pc vegetable 2pc white meat chicken

Steamed soy beans tossed in sea salt

Deep fried Japanese spring roll

Ika Marayaki
 BBQ marinated squid

Jalapeno Shrimp
Delicate fried shrimp topped with jalapeno mango sauce

Shrimp Tempura or Salmon Tempura
With 4pc vegetable 2pc fish

Soft Shell Crab 
 Lightly fried crab w. special sauce

Sweet Potato Fries

Vegetable Spring Roll

Appetizers from the Sushi Bar

3pcs monkfish liver with spicy yuzu sauce

Fujiyama Mix Poki
Cubed tuna, salmon, yellowtail, tako, cucumber, tobiko, black pepper, green onion with house sauce

Hawaii salmon Poki
Cubed salmon, cucumber, tobiko, black pepper, green onion with house sauce

King Poki
Cubed tuna, diced scallop, tobiko, cucumber and cilantro mixed with house sauce

King Tartare
finely chopped spicy tuna, salmon, cucumbers, snow crab, green onion, cilantro, caviar tempura crunch, with two kings of special sauce

3 pcs fresh tuna, 2 pcs salmon, 2 pcs red snapper, 2 pcs white tuna

Sesame Salmon
Lightly seared cubed salmon with cucumber and sesame seeds

Smoked Salmon Wrap
Broiled eel, snow crab, onion, cilantro, asparagus, chili sauce wrapped with smoked  salmon in chef special sauce

Snow Ball
Snow crab mixed with spicy tuna, spicy salmon, onion, tobiko cilantro and layer with avocado on a bed of miso Japanese sauce

 (White Tuna/Black Pepper Tuna/Beef/Albacore) Seared thin sliced with ponzu sauce and vegetable

Tuna Tartare
Finely chopped fresh spicy tuna, crunch cucumber, green onion, garlic, caviar with wasabi pepper sauce


Boise Salmon Skin Salad
Deep fried crisp salmon skin and slice red onion, mango, Crab stick seaweed salad, tobiko, cilantro with spicy garlic yuzu sauce

Garden Salad

Salmon Skin Salad
Deep fried crisp salmon skin and sliced red onion Cilantro seaweed salad tobiko crab stick with house dressing

Seared White Tuna and Spring Salad
 Seared White Tuna and spring salad with special dressing

Seaweed Salad

Spicy Seaweed Tuna Salad
Sliced fresh tuna cucumber and spicy seaweed with ponzu sauce


with tofu, seaweed and scallion

Dinner Box

Chicken Katsu Box 
3pcs eel sushi and spicy yellowtail roll

Chicken Teriyaki Box 
Shrimp and vegetable tempura, spicy salmon roll

Salmon Teriyaki Box
4pcs Crispy or steamed shumai, eel andavocado roll

Dinner Entrees

Beef Teriyaki
broiled beef steak with teriyaki sauce

Chicken Teriyaki
broiled boneless white meat with Teriyaki sauce

Garlic Beef 
Sauteed sliced beef with onion in garlic sauce

Ginger Beef
Broiled sliced beef mixed with finely chopped ginger and teriyaki sauce

Idaho Spicy Shrimp 
sauteed delicate fried shrimp and potato with spicy green tea sauce

Seafood Teriyaki
broiled Shrimp, salmon, and fried crusted scallop with teriyaki sauce

Fried rice with scallops, shrimp, crab stick, fish cake and vegetable

Don Buri

Beef Don
Sliced beef, vegetables and egg on a bowl of rice

Unagi Don
Broiled eel on a bed of seasoned rice

Habachi Combination

B. Shrimp and Chicken

D. Scallop and Salmon

F. Shrimp and Squid

H. Shrimp and Steak

J. Steak and Salmon


A. Hibachi Vegetables

C. Hibachi Prime Rib Steak

E. Hibachi Shrimp

G. Hibachi Lobster (Twin lobster tail)

Kid's Box

A. Chicken Kara-Age, Gyoza, Sweet Potato Fries

C. Chicken Katsu, Avocado Roll $ Sweet Potato Fries

Nabe Mono

Thinly sliced beef, tofu, vegetables w. clear noodle simmered in a rich broth

Vegetable Udon
Assorted vegetable w. Japanese noodle soup

Clear noodle in broth w. shrimp, scallops, fish, crab stick, fish cake and vegetables

Noodle (Stir-Fry)

Seafood Yaki Udon
Japanese noodle stir fried with scallop, shrimp, crab stick, fish cake and vegetable

Roll and Hand Roll

Around the World
7 pcs. lobster, snow crab, shrimp, green onion, avocado, tobiko wrapped in seaweed and fried tempura style to crispy, topped with kiwi, tobiko spicy mayo and eel sauce

Black Dragon
8 pcs crab stick, cucumber, avocado topped with broiled eel

Butterfly Roll
8 pcs Eel tempura, snow crab, spicy tuna and avocado wrapped with soy paper

Crazy Dancer
8 pcs. fresh tuna, snow crab, asparagus and topped w. Fresh salmon and red snapper

Fire Dragon 
12 pcs. spicy tuna, salmon, eel, snow crab and tempura crunch, topped w. fresh tuna tobiko and chili sauce

Fire Island
8 pcs crab stick, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo with spicy tuna, tempura crunch mix top

Fuji Mountain
8 pcs deep fried tempura shrimp, topped with snow crab

5 pcs. egg, cucumber, avocado, kani and Japanese pickled vegetable

12 pcs. snow crab, avocado, tempura crunch, topped with broiled eel, tobiko and eel sauce

Jimmy Roll
8 pcs Spicy cooked red snapper, snow crab and asparagus topped with fresh salmon, eel sauce and tempura crunch

8 pcs. spicy white fish, green onion, crab stick, tempura crunch and topped with avocado, salmon roe and eel sauce

Orange County Roll
8 pcs spicy tuna, snow crab, asparagus crunch topped w. fresh salmon in Japanese mayo lightly seared eel sauce and tobiko

Rock n Roll 
5pcs., assorted fresh tuna, salmon, yellowtail, kani, avocado with masago on the top


8 pcs broiled eel, shrimp and avocado topped with snow crab

Snow Man
 8 pcs. fresh tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado tobiko wrapped w. soy bean paper

Soho Soho
8 pcs smoked salmon, cream cheese asparagus, scallion topped w. fresh salmon and snow crab

Spicy Dragon
8 pcs. Spicy tuna mixed with tempura crunch topped with broiled eel avocado tobiko and eel sauce

Spicy Eel Roll
8 pcs mixture of spicy tuna, salmon, snow crab, green onion tempura crunch, tobiko topped with grilled eel, eel sauce and spicy mayo

Spicy Salmon, Tuna, or Yellowtail
with tempura crunch and green onion

5 pcs deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, wrapped in seaweed and topped with masago and eel sauce

The Dynamite
7 pcs salmon, red snapper, crab stick, green onion wrapped in seaweed and deep fried with spicy mayo, eel sauce and assorted tobiko

8 pcs spicy shrimp green onion, crab stick, and tempura crunch wrapped in seaweed and topped with fresh salmon and seaweed

Tuna Trio
8 pcs spicy tuna, cream cheese, asparagus scallion, tempura crunch topped with fresh tuna and white tuna

with Green Onion

Sushi and Sashimi A la Carte

Kani (crab stick)

Octopus (tako)

Red Snapper

Salmon Roe (lkura)

Sea Urchin (uni)

Shrimp (ebi)

Smoked Salmon

Squid (Ika)

Tamago (egg)

White Tuna (shiro majuro)

Yellowtail (Hamachi)

Sushi Entrees

sliced assorted fresh fish on a bed of sushi rice

Fujiyama House Sashimi For Three
45 pcs, of assorted fresh fish sashimi

Fujiyama Special Sushi for Two 
10 pcs of assorted fresh sushi with rainbow, Manhattan, tuna roll and salmon roll

Maki Combination 
Tuna, California, Cucumber rolls (18 pcs)

Salmon Roll Dinner
3 Salmon rolls (18 pcs)

Sashimi Combination
3 pcs of fresh tuna, 3 pcs salmon, 3 pcs yellowtail, 3 pcs white tuna sashimi

Sashimi Deluxe 
15 pcs, assorted fresh fish sashimi

Sashimi Regular
12 pcs, assorted fresh fish sashimi

Spicy Maki Combination
One of spicy tuna, salmon and spicy crab stick with tempura crunch and scallion (18 pcs)

Sushi and Sashimi Combination
16 pcs of assorted fresh sashimi, 6 pcs assorted fresh sushi and one tuna roll

Sushi Combination
4 pcs broiled eel and 4 pcs salmon with on green dragon roll

Vegetable Sushi
8pcs, assorted vegetable sushi with vegetable roll

Yellowtail Roll Dinner
 3 rolls of yellowtail rolls w. green onion (18 pcs)

Yellowtail Sashimi Dinner
10 pcs, of fresh yellowtail sashimi

Tempura Dinner Entrees

Salmon Tempura
Deep fried 6 pcs, fresh salmon and vegetables

Shrimp Tempura
Deep fried 6 pc shrimp and vegetables

Vegetable Tempura
Deep fried assorted vegetables

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