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Voodoo Daddy's Steam Kitchen

Voodoo Daddy's Steam Kitchen - Tempe

Cajun restaurant
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   MON 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM




   Serves Alcohol

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This menu was last updated on 6/8/19. Although we have many accurate menus, they change often and it should be assumed this menu is not 100% accurate. If you want to be sure the dishes are still offered or confirm the prices are correct, please call the restaurant by tapping the call button above.

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Steam Kettle Entrees

Each dish is cooked to order in our signature seafood stock with garlic, shallots, Cajun seasonings, and the Cajun Holy Trinity of onion, celery, and red and green bell peppers, and served with white or dirty rice and remoulade Voodoo toast For each entree, choose your cayenne pepper heat level from our sliding scale of zero to ten. Add a ‘dirty fried egg” on top for and extra dollar.
Gumbo - Chicken or Shrimp
Chicken, Andouille sausage, gumbo file, and okra.

Jambalaya - Chicken & Sausage
The legendary Cajun rice dish.

Shrimp Creole
French in origin and Spanish in heritage. Shrimp, vegetables and spices cooked in traditional tomato pepper sauce.

Pan Roast - Shrimp or Chicken
Your choice of Shrimp or chicken cooked in a rich lobster, citrus, roasted garlic broth finished with a tomato cream sauce.

Southern Style Etouffee
The french word for ’smothered.” We smother shrimp and crawfish tails in a rich tomato based vegetable stew.

Shrimp Bisque
Shrimp cooked in a velvety cream bisque and finished with butter.

Shrimp & Grits
Shrimp and Tasso Ham cooked in a creamy butter sauce on a bed of white cheddar cheese grits.

Grillades and Grits
Pork, spices, and vegetables are slow braised in beef stock, and thickened with a roux. They are served on a bed of white cheddar cheese grits.

Voodoo Pasta
Shrimp and chicken cooked in a savory shrimp and lobster bisque with tomatoes, green onions and mushrooms, seasoned with Cajun spices and tossed with a bed of pasta.

Red Beans and Rice
Simmered red beans and smoked Andouille sausage are served on a bed or your choice of white or dirty rice. Garnished with green onions and a grilled link of Andouille sausage.

Cajun Platters

Comes with Red Beans & Rice and a side of Cole Slaw. Substitute other sides for +$3.

Blue Catfish Platter
Blue catfish caught out of the Chesapeake Bay, lightly breaded in our Cajun style breading and deep fried to a golden brown perfection . A truly unique tasting sweet catfish

Blue Catfish & Shrimp Platter
A seafood lovers favorite -- Blue Catfish caught out of the Chesapeake Bay and buttermilk marinated Shrimp lightly breaded in our Cajun style breading and deep fried to a golden brown perfection.

Chicken Strips Platter
Cajun seasoned buttermilk marinated chicken strips lightly breaded in our Cajun style breading and deep fried to a golden brown perfection

Chicken Strips & Shrimp Platter
Cajun Surf & Turf - Cajun seasoned chicken strips with a bounty of shrimp, lightly breaded in our Cajun style breading and deep fried to a golden brown perfection

Shrimp Platter
Buttermilk marinated shrimp, lightly breaded in our Cajun style breading and deep fried to a golden brown perfection


Served on lightly toasted artisan bread with freshly made Voodoo Chips Substitute any of our other great side dishes for an additional $1.50

Pulled Pork Po’Boy
Pork is slow roasted with a blend of Cajun spices, then pulled apart, and served with remoulade and Cajun coleslaw.

Jerk Chicken Po’Boy
Chicken is marinated in a blend of peppers, fruits and spices, then slow roasted and served with lettuce, tomato and aioli mayo

Andouille Sausage Po’Boy
Slow roasted andouille sausage with house cilantro & parsley chimichurri sauce, served with lettuce, tomato & aioli mayo

Shrimp Po’Boy
Your choice of Fried or Blackened Shrimp served with our remoulade sauce, lettuce & tomato

Catfish Po’Boy
Our blue catfish is dusted in cornmeal flour and fried to golden brown perfection, topped with lettuce, tomato and remoulade

Zucchinin, red bell peppers, red onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, pickled okra sauteed in a light sweet onion vinaigrette

Voodoo sides

Red Beans & Rice

Fried Okra

White Cheddar Cheese Grits

White Rice

Dirty Rice

Remoulade Cole Slaw

Hush Puppies

Macque Choux


for Po’Boys & Platters
Creole remoulade sauce

Buttermilk Ranch

Cocktail Sauce


Louisiana Garlic Shrimp Bruschetta
Panzanella (kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes in a light blend of garlic, lemon juice, sauteed shrimp and olive oil) is placed on five crostinis.

Shrimp Cocktail
Five large shrimp served with Voodoo cocktail sauce, lemon, pickled okra and seven crostinis

Shrimp Bisque Soup
Served with a side of toasted artisan bread

Voodoo Daddy’s Side Salad
Spring mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, dressed with a sweet onion vinaigrette. Served with Voodoo Toast.

Voodoo Daddy’s Entree Salad
Your choice of Grilled Cajun Chicken or Grilled Caribbean Chicken served on spring mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, dressed with a sweet onion vinaigrette. Served with Voodoo Toast

Little Shrimps Menu

Choose one entree and one side dish $5
Mac & Cheese |Chicken Strips |Popcorn Shrimp |Voodoo Pasta |Shrimp & Pasta in cream Butter Sauce |Celery sticks and ranch

Apple Sauce |Apple Slices |Celery Sticks & Ranch |White Rice |Voodoo Chips

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