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1836 Texas Kitchen

1836 Texas Kitchen - Tyler

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   SUN 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM




   Doesn't Serve Alcohol

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This menu was last updated on 2/11/19. Although we have many accurate menus, they change often and it should be assumed this menu is not 100% accurate. If you want to be sure the dishes are still offered or confirm the prices are correct, please call the restaurant by tapping the call button above.
Main Menu |  Beverages

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Pimento Cheese Platter
Scratch made pimento cheese, pickled okra, country ham spread with grilled baguette

Green Chili Queso
with housemade chips

Chicken Rolls
Creamy chicken, black beans and cheese with a chimi crema

Pulled Pork Nachos
House braised pork, black beans, yummy queso and fresh chips

Crawfish Queso
Louisiana crawfish tails meets creamy cheese with fresh chips

Shrimp Cocktail
Cajun poached Gulf shrimp, crisp Iceberg, cocktail with fresh lemon

Country Fried Texas Lamb Chops
With pepper jelly


Chicken, Pulled Pork, Veggie
Scratch made tortilla toasted with your choice of meat withplenty of cheese and goodies. $8/$12

Steak Quesadilla
Texas Kitchen soaked skirt steak, lots of cheese and greenchili gravy. $9/$14

Soups & Salads

Costa Chopped Salad
Grilled chicken, mixed greens, Andouille sausage, chickpeas,shredded Parmesan tossed with Texas kitchen vinaigrette

Crispy Chicken Caesar
Caesar salad just like you know with crispy chicken on top

House Salad
Mixed greens, shredded carrots, herbed croutons with 1836’ssherry vinaigrette

Fried Green Tomato Salad
Chopped Iceberg, fried green tomatoes, chopped egg, bacon,charred red onions with a buttermilk-tarragon dressing

White Bean Chicken Chili

Chicken Sausage Gumbo
It’s all about the roux and a great stock with pulledchicken and Andouille sausage. $4/$7

Burgers & Sandwiches

The Cut Beef and Texas Lamb Burger
Cut Beef Farm’s ground beef and Texas Lamb, pimentocheese like mom makes on Sunday’s, butter toasted bun, lettuce, tomato, grilled red onions and dill pickles

Country Ham & Bean Sandwich
Country ham, black beans, vinegared jalapeños, mayonnaise, and a roasted tomato sauce on French bolillo bread

1836 Sandwich
Tender fried pork shoulder, house braised pork shoulder,pickled jalapeños, red onions with green chili gravy for “soppin”

Shrimp Poboy
Crispy or Cajun sauteed gulf shrimp, mayonnaise, lettuce,tomato, onion and dill pickles


Country Fried Yard-Bird
Buttermilk fried chicken breast, mashed taters, roasted chiligravy with Esaw’s collard

Chicken Chimichanga
House roasted chicken, black beans, yummy rice with secretqueso, served with beans and Willie’s rice

Chicken & Fries
Country fried Buttermilk soaked chicken, crispy fries with1836 sauce.

Shiner Gravy Chicken
Grilled chicken breast, mashed taters, charred kale andShiner cream gravy

Cast Iron Enchiladas
Roasted chicken enchiladas, green chili sauce topped with anegg ‘sunny side’ up, rice and beans

Steak & Pork

Chile Colorado
Ancho guajillo braised beef with herb rice and black beans

Chile Verde
Green chili stewed pork, Texas Kitchen’s rice, and black beans

Grilled bone-in ribeye, mashed potatoes finished with housemade steak sauce

Filet Mignon Lobster Butter
Grilled filet, country fried lobster tail, Willie’s potatoes and charred kale with country ham butter

Grilled Lamb Chops
Butter whipped potatoes, red wine demi and veggie of the day

Carne Asada with Queso
Grilled skirt with Texas Kitchen queso, rice and beans

Dobb's Steak Fries Chimichurri
House soaked skirt steak grilled with fries, chimichurri and queso

Braised Pork Shank
Pork shank braised in tomato, orange and fresh herbs with good ole mashed taters and whatever veggies Chef Willie is cooking up today

From the Ocean

BBQ Shrimp
Our version of a New Orlean’s style staple, braised cabbagescented with lemon, and grilled artisanal bread for ‘soppin’

Low Country Shrimp & Grits
A Carolina staple… Andoullie sausage, Gulf shrimp, tomatoes,beer buttery broth and creamy War Eagle Mill Grits. Smaller plate $10

Grilled Salmon
Creamy grits from Arkansas, with a caramelized onion, baconand tamarind jam

BBQ Catch of the Day
Whatever Chef Willie caught this morning, crispy Gulf oysters, molasses – mustard q, creamy grits from Arkansaswith a country ham and green onion beurre blanc


Creamy grits from Arkansas with fresh thyme and goat cheese

Esaw's Collard Greens
A southern staple, braised with bacon, Esaw’s secret Gangstajuice and plenty of love

Willie’s secret technique for the perfect mashed tater

Exactly how fries should be, crispy with house seasoning. Add 1836 queso for $3

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