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Hometown Taiwanese Kitchen & Bar

Hometown Taiwanese Kitchen & Bar - Davis

Taiwanese, Chinese
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   THU 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM



   Doesn't Serve Alcohol

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This menu was last updated on 1/21/19. Although we have many accurate menus, they change often and it should be assumed this menu is not 100% accurate. If you want to be sure the dishes are still offered or confirm the prices are correct, please call the restaurant by tapping the call button above.

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Appetizer & Soup

2. Pot Stickers (8)

1. Meat Ball Soup (pork)

6. Lamb Dumpling in Vinegar Based Broth

5. Dumpling in Vinegar Based Broth

4. Dumpling in Beef Soup (10)

3. Steam Lamb Dumpling (15)

2. Steam Pork Chives Dumpling (15)

1. Steam Pork Bok Choy Dumpling (15)

10. Spicy Roasted Beef & Tendon

9. Szechuan Pig Ears (spicy)

8. Fried Chicken Drumstick

7. Fried Pork Chop

6. Fried Calamari

5. Fried Chicken Wings

4. Popcorn Chicken

3. Spring Roll (2)


1. Beef Noodle Soup (spicy)

8. Sesame Cold Noodle with Chicken

7. Sesame Cold Noodle (spicy)

6. Assorted Seafood Noodle Soup

5. Pork Shrimp Scallop Noodle Soup

4. Zha Jiang Mein

3. White Meat Chicken Shrimp NS

2. Sliced Pork and Prawn Noodle Soup


1. Pork Gravy Over Rice

2. Fried Pork Chop Over Rice

3. Chicken Drumstick Over Rice

4. Hock Pork Over Rice

Rice Stick Soup

1. Pork & Prawns Rice Stick Soup

2. Chicken & Prawn Rice Stick Soup

3. Beef Rice Stick Soup

4. Assorted Seafood Rice Stick Soup

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