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Our Mission

To allow you to quickly find mobile-friendly, accurate restaurant menus as fast as possible.

For Foodies

Quickly finding accurate restaurant menus that display on your smartphone shouldn't be difficult, but it is. Many menus aren't available. Many are photos that don't translate to your smartphone. Many aren't legible. Many are out-dated.

We're going to change that. We're not there yet - not even close, but we will be. Our menus show perfect on your smartphone. Our menus can be filtered. Our menus, however, do get out-of-date. They change often, which is a big problem.

To fix a problem you have to start somewhere. Our start is including the menus on our site. From there, we'll start tackling the next problem - keeping them up-to-date and accurate.

It's going to be a long, difficult journey, but one we're committed to taking. We hope you find value in Menyu and will join us on the journey.

For Restaurant Owners

We get it. Owning and operating a restaurant leaves you time-poor. Your working your butt off building your business. Marketing is important, but finding time to do it is tough. And when you do find time, where do you start? There are a gazillion options, most costing a small fortune.

We can help, and we mean it. We're free. We don't require lots of your time. We care about your business and allow you to control your online menu. All while attracting new customers.

Who Are We?

We're not ran by robots and we're not in business to bash your restaurant with negative reviews. The world has enough negativity in it. We're in business to let our customers view your menu, helping them and helping you. We're a startup ran by two online entrepreneurs named Kevin Sims and Adam VanBuskirk. Two guys that actually care about customer service and care about you.

If you want your restaurant menu on our site and it isn't, we'll add it. If it's on our site, but the information is incorrect, let us know the corrections, and we'll fix it. If you want to manage your menu and restaurant listing, even better - we'll give you your account details.

We're here to help. Period.

Contact us at info @

And yes, if you send us an email, you will hear from Adam or Kevin, two small business owners like you who work their butts off and care about customers.

Working hard to provide you with more menus...

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