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Twisted Meltz in Kent OH a Great Place for Lunch

Dec. 28th, 2017 @ 6pm
Adam VanBuskirk, Cofounder

One Saturday afternoon in October this year, my wife and I decided to head over to Twisted Meltz in Kent. It's located at 164 E Main St. She had some friends that recommended it and had snapped some photos of their dishes using Menyu. The dishes looked awesome, so we had to go!

Twisted Meltz is a small eatery that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches. And not just any grilled cheese sandwiches, but ones that are named after famous Northeast Ohio people. How cool. They also offer many sides a la carte and have a nice bottled beer selection.

They have a counter for ordering your food and a small dining are for dining in. Once you order, you go set down and they'll bring you your food. To order additional drinks after you've set down, you simply go back to the counter and place another order. My wife had diet pop and I had a few Fat Tire bottles of beer.

For our sandwiches, my wife ordered the Wayne Dawson and I ordered the Drew Carey. The Wayne Dawson has BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw, Muenster cheese, cheddar cheese, and sweet baby ray's BBQ sauce. The Drew Carey consisted of buffalo chicken, blue jack cheese, white American cheese, caramelized onions, and buffalo chicken soup. We both really liked our sandwiches. A great change of pace form a burger and very tasty.

For sides, we got three things; battered fries, fried portabella mushrooms, and tater tots. The sides were good and what you would expect when ordering tater tots or fried mushrooms.

The service was good. The order didn't take long at all to come out to the table. You don't have a waiter / waitress, but someone did come and clear our table for us. Also, the girl at the counter was very friendly and showcased a great smile while taking our first order and my second beer order.

My wife and I had a great lunch at Twisted Meltz. We had a very tasty meal and snapped some great food dish pics using Menyu. And would you believe... we actually ran into her two friends that recommended the place. No joke, we were eating and in they came to the dining area after placing their order. We said hello to them and told them we were there because of their recommendation. They were tickled. And to boot, Octoberfest was going on in Kent that day.

What fun we had all because we tried a new place!

Below are some photos of Twisted Meltz and some of their dishes

1 / 6
Twisted Meltz in Kent OH
Twisted Meltz in Kent OH
2 / 6
Fried Mushrooms
Fried Mushrooms
3 / 6
Battered French Fries
Battered French Fries
4 / 6
Tater Tots
Tater Tots
5 / 6
The Wayne Dawson Sandwich
The Wayne Dawson Sandwich
6 / 6
The Drew Carey Sandwich
The Drew Carey Sandwich

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Twisted Meltz and they didn't endorse me or this post. This is simply a post by me expressing my opnion.

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