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How to improve guest experience at your Restaurant

Dec. 26nd, 2017 @ 9:48pm
Kevin Sims, Cofounder

What is the number one driver of how we operate and stay connected in todays world? Technology! Technology has many benefits in helping not only managers, servers and or host but also enhances the dining experience for users. Staying on top of trends can definitely help impact business growth and help drive revenue. For restaurants who have yet to adopt new forms of technology to expand beyond their traditional reach, here are a few statistics to consider:

  • 83% of adults use smart phones to look up restaurant locations, directions, & hours
  • 80% would like to see a menu before they dine out
  • 79% say tech improves their guest experience

So your probably wondering what are some ways to make your customers happier and higher profits? Lets take a look at a couple easy tech solutions you can use to enhance this experience for your everyday patron:

Social Media Platforms

Free and available to everyone, social media is a great platform to use because it is easily accessible to anyone with a mobile device or computer connected to the internet. Plus with it being free you have an easy platform to post your hours, directions, phone number and any in restaurant specials you are running. With these slight changes you just gave access to an untapped network of people who may have never stopped by your restaurant had they have not found you online.

With being on social media you also have the opportunity to engage with all your customers building a lasting relationship outside of your traditional waiters and waitresses. The Best platforms to reach most millennials today would be either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Free Restaurant Wi-Fi

Depending on your type of establishment, adding an option for users to jump on your Wi-Fi for free can have major upsides. With many users wanting to post about their exact location or even share pictures and videos of their food, you will have a greater uptick in the amount of users doing that knowing that they do not have to use their monthly billed data. When users are sharing their location or posting pictures of the great food that your establishment serves you in return are also getting free marketing since their friends will and people who have never been there can now see what you have to offer.

If you already have an existing Wi-Fi setup at your location you may very well have an option to activate a guest Wi-Fi service. With the guest network (Make sure that if possible that you setup a guest network and not give out the Wi-Fi password to your main network) with some routers you can also have the ability to push out a login page that will redirect to you companies website or Facebook page so that people know where they can follow you at online as well.

Point-of-Sale Software

Some restaurants are now going with Point-of-Sale software directly on the customers table giving them access to pay the bill, order more food, and tip their waiter. Bringing the convenience to the end user to be able to order more food during a busy time of the day can bring a big upside to the user who may be in a hurry or if you are short staffed. Also being able to pay right on the table can help with users being able to go ahead and add in their tip as well and not have to worry about a waiter wonder when a user is done eating.

Adding a new POS system could be a big challenge but for the restaurant who does not currently use one, adding one could potentially help get more insights on their business with the built-in software that some of them bring.

To add to the additions of ways to improve you customers business experience do not forget that a lot of users would love to be able to see your location, hours, phone number and full menu. Doing all that can easily be done using the Menyu app. Check us out on the Itunes app Store or on our website. With this all in one app you give users easy access to all menu updates and contact information right from their mobile device reaching all users and devices from android to iPhone. Contact us at info @ to get your establishment added

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