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Valentine's Day, People & Lots of Chocolates Oh My!

Feb. 20th, 2019 @ 5:20pm
Adam & Kevin

That's a lot of Chocolates!

Valentine's Day provides a huge uptick in chocolates sales. The World's population has about 7.6 BILLION people and is growing at a rate of 83 million per year. WOW! That's a lot of chocolates! Whether you got chocolates or not, we hope you had a sweet Valentine's Day and visited one of your favorite restaurants.

Single in the month of love? Got you down?

We can help by making you laugh your a** off! Enjoy the video!

Did you know?

$130 The average amount of money men spend on Valentine's Day
$20B Total Projected dollars spent on Valentine's Day in 2019
9M People will get engaged on Valentine's Day.
40% Increase in dating site usage, such as Tinder and "That's either a lot of breakups or single people dialing in"

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Your Favorite Restaurant's Info in One Place

So, you're going out to eat and you know where. But, your memory isn't the best and you don't remember what exit to get off at. Wait. When do they open? Do they still have those great nachos? Ugh, you better call and make sure.

If these questions ever run through your mind, we can help. Menyu has the answers to all of them in one spot - at the top of the restaurant's profile page. You can tap the address to map directions, view their hours, see their full menu, call them, and check their Facebook or website for specials - all in one place!

We do all the heaving lifting for you. If you find any of the information to be incorrect for a restaurant you intend to visit Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and let us know of any changes.

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As always, thanks for reading our newsletter! Feel free to forward it to friends and we hope you continue to find new restaurants and menus by using

Adam & Kevin
Cofounders, Menyu

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