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Happy New Year From Menyu

Jan. 21st, 2019 @ 4pm
Adam & Kevin

Happy Late New Year! 2019 is here and you know what that means for many of us - trying to eat healthier, but eating healthier is hard. Really hard. This video does a great job of explaining just why it is so difficult to clean up our diets.

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Did you know?

51% of diners go out to eat more than once a week
69% of diners prefer to user their card when paying for food
70% of diners are more likely to choose a restaurant that offers healthy menu options
73% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience

Do you take pics of your food?

Our website has many cool features, including ones you probably don't know about. One of those features is the ability to take or upload a pic of your food.

To use the feature, tap the camera icon located to the left of the dish title in the food menu. Take or upload the pic and that's it! The pic won't show immediately, but don't worry, that's by design. We review all pics before making them Live. Once approved, the pic will show beside the dish for all users to see.

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Adam & Kevin
Cofounders, Menyu

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