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Happy Holidays From Menyu

Dec. 18th, 2018 @ 8pm
Adam VanBuskirk, Cofounder

Happy Holidays! Whether you prefer to rush or relax, we hope the 2018 holiday season is playing out exactly as you hoped. We sincerely thank you for using us to find restaurants and menus and look forward to having even more menus to offer in 2019.

PS - If you haven't received your Menyu magnet yet, don't sweat it! It's our top priority and will be on it's way soon! We designed and ordered our first batch, but probably should have forecasted a bit better and ordered more than we did. Live and learn. They're on their way though!

Enjoy the newsletter. We'll talk to you next month, same day same time.

Adam & Kevin
Cofounders, Menyu
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Tipping Optional?

According to Restaurant Insider, Tipping is here to stay: 65% of restaurant guests prefer to control how much they tip, as opposed to adopting auto-gratuities or the tip-free-movement. What's your thoughts?

So... app or website?

When we created Menyu in 2016, Kevin and I wanted to hang with the cool kids, so we created the Menyu app for iPhone. I wrote the code and Kevin took it to market through

You can click here to read the original press release from 21 WFMJ news in Youngstown, OH. The video is gone, but the article remains.

Well, being cool isn't always the wise choice and we realized when you want to find a restaurant menu, you often Google it, not download an iPhone app. So we discontinued the app (for now), changed our website to be a mobile web app and now spend all our time on what really matters - finding off-the-beaten-path restaurants and menus to save you time.

A comical take on being vegetarian. Do you suffer from vegetarianism?

The More the Merrier, Spread the Love!

Thanks for reading our newsletter! If you know anyone else that would love to receive a free magnet and read a funny, informative food newsletter, we'd love to give them the magnet and send them the email. Just let them know they can sign up on our website, just like you did. They just need to visit a restaurant menu page and scroll to the bottom. Feel free to forward them this email too. The more the merrier!

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