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English Pub Bistro in Ravenna, OH is an Absolute Gem

Sep. 17th, 2018 @ 6pm
Adam VanBuskirk, Cofounder

A few Saturdays ago, my wife and I travelled to Ravenna, OH to buy a gift certificate at a hair salon. It was to be a birthday gift for her co-worker, who lives in the area and frequents the salon. Since we would be visiting Ravenna and haven't spent much time in the area, we decided to eat lunch in the town. My wife and I enjoy trying new local, mom-and-pop style restaurants, so we decided to eat at the English Pub bistro.

After picking up the gift card, we plugged the restaurant into the GPS and behold it was only two blocks away. Within a few minutes, we arrived at the pub. The outside is quite unassuming, located in the corner of a large building that includes other businesses. We parked, walked in, and were told by the bartender to choose a seat wherever we wanted. We chose a table by the fireplace and front windows. A waitress arrived within a minute or two, welcomed us, dropped off the menu, and took our drink order. I ordered a beer and my wife a diet pop (soda or coke for those that detest the term "pop").

At this point, we had been there 5 minutes, maybe, and had already been seated and our drinks ordered. By overhearing general conversation between the other patrons and the employees, I could tell most of the patrons where local regulars. When visiting local favorites, you never know how you'll be treated when you're a newcomer / outsider. My initial impression though was poor service wasn't going to be an issue at the English Pub Bistro.

I was correct. The service throughout our entire lunch was absolutely awesome! The waitress was prompt, polite, and an absolute pleasure. I would say more about the great service, but there really isn't more to add. The service was simply great.

For food, we began with the fried pickles appetizer. The pickles came out fast, were lightly fried, and came with a really tasty chipotle / sriracha flavored dipping sauce. For our main course, my wife ordered a cheeseburger with all the helpings and fries. I ordered the meatball sub with fries. The time it took to get our dishes served was normal / what you would expect. Both sandwiches were excellent and the fries very good. They pile the fries high, so if you're a french fry fan, this place is a must try.

In closing, The English Pub Bistro in Ravenna gave us, two first-time-patrons, a great experience by providing great service and food. The prices were also very affordable for the quality of food served. My wife and I left raving about the place. We live 30 minutes away and only dine-out on the weekends, so I doubt we'll every be regulars. But one thing is certain - we will be back. Thanks English Pub Bistro for a great lunch!

You can see the full menu, including the pics my wife and I took using this site, at the following link English Pub Bistro Restaurant Menu

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with The English Pub Bistro restaurant and they didn't endorse me or this post.

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