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Don't Stop at Restaurant Menu Design - Continue with Menu Integration

Mar 10th, 2018 @ 11:36am
Adam VanBuskirk, Cofounder

Don't Stop at Restaurant Menu Design - Continue with Menu Integration

Restaurant menu design is big business. Rightfully so. The menu is how you communicate your offerings to your existing and prospective customers. Getting the design right could literally make or break your entire restaurant. Just like a product catalog for a mail order company can make or break it. The menu is your sales literature.

To help you get the menu right, there are myriad businesses that offer menu design. You know the importance of menu design, so you hire one of these companies and work with them to get the branding and menu just right. Spending hundreds of dollars if not thousands is not out of the question. Once the design is done, you have the menus printed (which also isn't cheap) and you're off to the races.

But wait. What about putting the menu on your website?

The menu on your website is often an afterthought. The answer often involves taking a photo of your menu and making it available on your website. Or, better yet uploading a PDF version of the menu with a link to open it. Although better than no menu, these options are not ideal and quite frankly not user-friendly.

We understand you invested in a great menu design and want to leverage that investment on your website, but it isn't ideal. Why? Because online, people expect to be able to easily interact with a your restaurant's menu. They don't want to open a photo of a menu that is tiny and unreadable. They don't want to see a PDF that needs zoomed in on their phone. They don't want a menu that cannot be filtered or searched. Simply put, traditional menu designs are great for print, but not for online use.

It's time you take a serious look at integrating your restaurant's menu with your website. You need a branded, user-friendly, easily searched and filtered menu that is responsive and looks and works great on phone, tablet, and desktop. You need Menyu. We offer full restaurant menu integration into your site for one low monthly fee (at the time of this writing, $9.99/month). Here is what you get with our restaurant menu integration.

What you get with Menyu's Restaurant Menu Integration

Your full restaurant menu integrated into your website. It takes us 5 minutes to install. The menu is responsive (looks good on all devices). The menu is searchable and can be filtered by food category. People love this feature! Full prices for every dish. Or, if you choose, no prices. It's up to you. Up to four photos for each dish. Or, no photos. Again, it's up to you. Free updates anytime the menu changes. Email us changes and we will do them. OR You can login to our website and change your menu yourself, any time. Your restaurant and full menu listed in our online Restaurant Menu Directory and in the popular Menyu iPhone app.

Why would you not take advantage of this?

You simply will not find a more affordable menu service on the market. You already own a website. You already have a menu. Make the small investment into a fully interactive, simple and responsive online menu backed by our fantastic customer service and technical knowledge. It will take a penny less than $10 and 10 minutes of your time to get started. That simply cannot be beat!!

Contact us today at info @ with the subject Hey Kevin and Adam, I want My Menyu!

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