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Bricco Restaurant in Akron & Kent

Jan. 1st, 2018 @ 2pm
Adam VanBuskirk, Cofounder

I often use the iOS Menyu app to explore restaurants near me in Hudson, Ohio, Since the app's inception in April 2017, I've eaten at a lot of great local Northeast Ohio restaurants. Bricco is one of those restaurants. My first experience with Bricco was at the Kent location, but being in Hudson and equally close to both Kent and Akron, I've since ate at both locations several times.

The service at both was good. My dishes have always been correct, the service prompt and friendly, and the food very good. If you've read any of my other restaurant articles, you know I typically eat lunch and on the weekend. All my visits to Bricco have been weekend lunch, so I can't speak to the service during busy dinner hours. I'm assuming it is also good though.

Both locations are quite large and can seat many people. They have a full bar and are a good place to host an event - I've seen large private parties at the Kent location multiple times. Bricco also has a large menu that should be able to please most people.

Among my favorite dishes are:

  • Risotto Balls
  • Tortilla Chips and Dip
  • Chorizo pizza
  • Steak Pizza
  • Shrimp Tacos
  • Pulled Pork Tacos

The below slideshow includes images of these dishes. The below PDF menu does as well. If yo live in the Akron or Kent area and are looking to try a new restaurant, give Bricco a try. It's vast array of dishes and good service makes it a safe bet.

1 / 6
Pulled Pork Tacos
Pulled Pork Tacos
2 / 6
Shrimp Tacos
Shrimp Tacos
3 / 6
Risotto Balls
Risotto Balls
4 / 6
Tortilla Chips & Queso Dip
Tortilla Chips & Queso Dip
5 / 6
Steak Pizza
Steak Pizza
6 / 6
Chorizo Pizza
Chorizo Pizza

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Bricco and they didn't endorse me or this post.

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