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Menyu finds restaurants near you with a single tap, including the restaurants' food menus with photos from real customers like you. Get started by searching above or clicking the restaurants link.

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Take the hassle out of having your menu online, up-to-date, and easily found. We'll enter your menu, make changes when you need, and drive web traffic to it.

Control Your Online Menu
Control your menu by ensuring it is always up-to-date and your potential customers see it. With us you have full control.
Save Time
Save time by managing your online menu using our super simple admin portal or have us update your menu for you. Never again worry about your online menu.
Save Money
Don't pay hundreds of dollars a month to have your menu online in a friendly format. We'll serve it to thousands of potential customers - for free. Save time and money by hosting your menu with us. We can even integrate your menu into your website in a matter of minutes.
Gain More Diners
Over 75% of people look up a restaurant's menu online before visiting it. Don't miss out on customers because your menu is a bad quality image, hard-to-read PDF, or not online at all.


Adam VanBuskirk

A software guy that absolutely loves writing code. Kevin pitched his idea for a restaurant menu app / site to Adam while driving back from a business trip to Pittsburgh. Adam loved the idea, told Kevin "let’s do it", and Menyu was born. As the web app grows, Adam spends his time writing the code and brainstorming with Kevin about the future of Menyu.

Kevin Sims

Menyu was Kevin's idea and ever since he and Adam made it a reality, Kevin's been hitting the streets promoting the app. He's well known throughout Northeast Ohio and has formed long lasting relationships with many of the local restaurant owners and operators. He also manages are ever growing workforce.

Working hard to provide you with more menus...

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